Pluto Jonze – Eject

Love this song…definitely unique

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Lesbian Bondage Fiasco

This song seems to constantly frequent my ears

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deep thoughts

If a lady at work clearly wears a wig every day but just came in today with a much shorter haired wig on, do I still say “happy hair cut” to her?  Being polite can be so complex.

When I watch a game show on Food Network or something and the contestants have to give their money to charity, at what level of richness does that start?  That’s how rich I want to be.

New Youth Lagoon single, album comes out March 5th, seeing them in Menver March 1st.

Blogging is back

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Am I a Groupie?

I fell in love with the band The Head and the Heart in about April of 2011.  It was love at first hear and the only time I can remember Shazam ever turning into a band I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyway, I am going to the Boulder Theater to see them this Sunday night after a weekend of camping.  This will be the 4th show I have seen of their’s in less than a year which has got me thinking, am I a groupie?

According to Wikipedia a ‘groupie’ is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity or public figure.  Well since there are 4 men and 1 woman in the band I can’t actually call myself a groupie without sounding super gay (not that there is anything wrong with that and not that its possible to be gay when listening to HATH because we are all gay when we listen to HATH right?)

Check it out, here is their full performance from the show I saw them in Chicago for Lollapalooza:  password: Charity

Can’t wait for the show and can’t wait for their next album.

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Reptar just started their tour with Rubblebucket in Chicago tonight.  I will be attending their show at the Bluebird in Menver on Friday.

Check out this house party they played at:

This is a totally normal video:

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Rivalry Week

So being out in Denver doesn’t mean I can’t still get fired up about it being rivalry week.  Iowa and Iowa State will battle it out for the Cy-Hawk Trophy (the Super Bowl trophy if you are an ISU fan) this Saturday at Kinnick Stadium.  Thanks in part to Austin’s grandpa Bill Reichardt who got this rivalry back going in the 70s.  It is a great game for the state of Iowa but it really doesn’t do anything for Iowa’s strength of schedule ever.

Anyways, so if two Cyclone fans get divorced are they still brother and sister?

Matt Roth will be the honorary captain on Saturday and he has 2 words for ISU:

Marshall Yanda taking out one of our little brothers:

Iowa 31 Little Brother 21.  ISU scores late to make it respectable but Iowa dominates.

God I love football season.


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Cool Links on the Interweb

Check out these dogs in the military.  Best ones are the dogs sky diving, they have bigger balls than me.

Obsessed with this song.

Unreleased Boombox song

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